Monday, March 16, 2009

Stimulus PR Option For Emerging Small Businesses

I have been getting a lot of questions recently at the panels I speak on, as well as through networking avenues I support, about how to get into the PR game without the high fees and risks.  There are as many PR companies as there are businesses, I always suggest working with like-minded people and companies that have similar philosophies and practices. 

We're want to do our part here and expand our outreach to creative and emerging entrepreneurs outside our immediate network--everyone needs a little push right now, and it's just good business to help fellow small businesses and entrepreneurs. We're launching a special we're calling [press by number] option for March and April.

How the [press by number] option works:

Give us your "number" (budget )

We create a special Bungalow pr-to-go package customized  based on your specific product, wish list and special editor pr leads we have in house that most benefits our client.

For example: "I have $875…$600 or $1800 to spend…"

We create a customized Bungalow pr-to-go option which depending on your "number" would look like this + include:

·      5 direct pitches by our team through our direct contacts/relationships to magazine editors from your wish list (Parents,Cookie, InStyle, Daily Candy...)

·       One celebrity placement

·      A written pitch blurb you can use to contact editors.

·      5 editor contacts

We mix + match your Bungalow pr-to-go according to your specific budget and immediate goals be it press, sales . product launch etc. 

Feel free to connect with any questions.

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  1. Just clicked on a SMARTY email and saw your site. Congrats on what you're doing! Check out my site and you'll see what I'm now doing with an 18 year TV background that's similar to yours ;-)

    All the best,
    Tracy Mazuer