Monday, March 16, 2009

Aloha, This Is The Bungalow

This is The Bungalow.

We share, we innovate, we veer. We zag while others zig and we're just fine with that. 

Take a peek at our site so you can really get to know us:

PR is not brain surgury, it's simply about being persistent and knowing who to contact when and how. I'll try to guide you in getting there. 

I have the benefit of having sat on the other side for a lot of years, as a morning television producer for NBC, at Extra and The Style Network.  So I get it. I was pitched by every publicist on this green Earth and I know what pitches were successful , which were "deleted" and immediately tossed and others that were booked before I finished reading the subject line. 

I'm not gonna do much preaching here, this is really a spot for emerging entrepreneurs to get quick and easy pr tips to make things happen, connect a few like minded people and share some of my favorite things which might help you see things in a new way.

Oh, and I am available. I may not be in this country (hopefully!) but I am online somehow somewhere, I am  not one of those busy executives who has five "people" you need to navigate to reach me.  Drop an email, be clear and specific (that helps me respond a tad faster) and always include your website so I can be informed about you and even say Aloha.

Here's to lots of this + that for those who choose the less traveled path.

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