Friday, March 20, 2009

Group Y Panel “How to Maximize PR Opportunities & Expand Brand Awareness.” Vans, The Bungalow PR + Burton

Group Y hosted its latest panel discussion "How to Maximize PR Opportunities & Expand Brand Awareness" at The Grove in Anaheim Wednesday night. The panel included Bungalow PR's Stacie Krajchir, Burton's Global PR Director Shana Frahm, and Vans' Senior PR Manager Chris Overholser.

It was definitely interesting, and a bit disturbing, to hear how good these PR experts are at manipulating the media for free publicity. WTF Overholser? I thought we were bros.

This time the gathering actually went a step beyond the panel discussion format and involved a workshop where groups were given problems to solve together. Everyone then presented their plans and got critiqued by the experts in front of an audience of over 100 people. Kind of like sorority hazing, but a bit more constructive and less scarring.

group Y is a collective of youth marketing & communications professionals with a focus on action sports and entertainment industries. Founded in 2006, the group is vehicle to bring people together and assist new relationships between others within our sphere of Action Sports and Entertainment. For more information about group Y, please visit our website at

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